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                JIANGSU FANGBANG MACHINERY CO., LTD SINCE 1990 Chinese English
                Paper Bag Machine
                Paper bag machine manufactures flat/square bottom paper bags with/without handles from roll/sheet paper and other material. By implementing steps including tube forming, bottom forming and bag collection within a fully automatic process, this machine is ...
                Flexo Printing Machine
                Flexo printing machine adopts flexible photosensitive resin plates, rubber plates as the base material, anilox rollers for transferring ink, liquid ink for printing. It is controlled centrally by PLC system and generally consists of unwinding section...
                Slitting Machine
                Slitting machine is able to slit paper roll fast in the vertical direction, to produce narrower paper rolls. As a perfect paper processing equipment all over the world, this machine adopts advanced technologies including automatic photoelectric tracking correction...
                Company Profile
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                Jiangsu Fangbang Machinery is a high-tech enterprise including research and development, production, sales and service, located in Suzhou, China, covering an area of 26600 square meters. Our company is specialized in the production of paper bag making machines (sheet paper feeding, roll paper feeding, full-automatic, semi-automatic) and flexographic printing machines and so on, with more than one hundred sets of processing ...
                Exhibition News
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                Four years passed, the 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition will be held in Beijing ...
                After four years, Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre once again becomes the hot spot for the print media indu...
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